About Andy and What To Expect


I’m that person that has always had a sporting event to get to. From football and rugby to rock climbing and horse riding, the chances are I’ve had a bash at it! I’ve had reasonable success playing rugby but most of my sporting success is found in Powerlifting where I have set British and European records whilst winning European Silver and Gold medals.

I have worked in the sports and fitness industry getting clients the results they simply haven’t been able to before for over a decade. This experience includes Graduating with an award for outstanding achievement and a First Class Degree with Honours in Sports Therapy and attaining a Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning. Armed with my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm I set myself apart from the field with the thought processes I use to achieve your optimal results.

This allows me to combine the absolute best of all aspects of health and fitness to suit your needs and your goals to unlock your absolute potential.



How It Works and What to Expect

I am a firm believer in training backed by science with a healthy dose of common sense and knowing what works on your individual level. All programmes are tailored to you and each one is a labour of love.

I demand hard work and dedication from myself so that is what I expect from you. If you aren’t fully committed to the process, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced athlete, I won’t take your money. I will invest myself fully in your goals and training to the highest level and expect the same level of dedication back from all my clients. This builds the 3P Training community and ensures the best possible results when both parties are fully invested in the system and creates lasting friendships alongside you smashing your targets.