Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Lifter in your Life BY PRICE AND WITH LINKS

If you’re reading this the chances are that you fall into one of two categories; 1. The lifter who needs to provide family members with some idea of what to get them other than the usual bath sets… 2. The confused gifter who knows your beloved does something to do with weights but it’s very […]

Sticky Bits

Breaking down your breakdowns. “I missed that right at my sticking point”, “if only I had moved it another inch I would definitely have got it”. We’ve all heard these at some point, possibly even said them! But what do people mean and why do we get sticking points? Generally a sticking point means the […]

My FREE Template to maximise your Long Term Physical Potential

The Simplest Template to Maximise Your Physical Potential As with many facets of life, our increasingly lazy population are seeking the “quick fix” or the “easy way” to achieve peak physical condition. As such, mainstream health and fitness media outlets are constantly pumping poor training and nutritional ideas out. We must remember the goals of […]

Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against the Machine You’re a Powerlifter, you don’t need machines, you can do everything you need with a barbell and a rack. Whilst this is a true statement there are an increasing number of machines that could, perhaps even should, be used by Powerlifters during the training year. Let’s start with the pros and […]

The Dreaded C-Word

The C Word That’s right. We’re talking about cardio! This article will be focused towards the strength athlete and their use of Cardiovascular exercise, why it can be beneficial, and how best to apply cardio at varying times of the competitive powerlifter’s year. “But Cardio kills my gains!” Yes, if applied incorrectly and managed poorly […]