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Welcome, Andy Smith here, otherwise known as the Pretty powerlifter, I’m that person that has always had a sporting event to get to. From football and rugby to rock climbing and horse riding, the chances are I’ve had a bash at it! I’ve had reasonable success playing rugby but most of my sporting success is found in Powerlifting where I have set British and European records whilst winning European Silver and Gold medals.
I have worked in the sports and fitness industry getting clients the results they simply haven’t been able to before for over a decade. This experience includes graduating with an award for outstanding achievement and a First Class Degree with Honours in Sports Therapy and attaining a Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning. Armed with my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm I set myself apart from the field with the thought processes I use to achieve your optimal results.This allows me to combine the absolute best of all aspects of health and fitness to suit your needs and your goals to unlock your absolute potential.

How It Works and What to Expect

I am a firm believer in training backed by science with a healthy dose of common sense and knowing what works on your individual level. All programmes are tailored to you and each one is a labour of love. I demand hard work and dedication from myself so that is what I expect from you. If you aren’t fully committed to the process, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced athlete, I won’t take your money. I will invest myself fully in your goals and training to the highest level and expect the same level of dedication back from all my clients. This builds the 3P Training community and ensures the best possible results when both parties are fully invested in the system and creates lasting friendships alongside you smashing your targets.




Hands down Andy is the best when it comes to technique. At one glance he will identify inefficiencies in your deadlift and will suggest several exercises that will help you to improve. His expertise does not stop at strength sports. Running, cycling, triathlon, CrossFit, Weightlifting, bodybuilding, you name it.
Above all, Andy has renewed the belief that I have in myself, and I now foresee a future in my involvement in powerlifting competition where I improve for many years to come. Thanks, Andy lad!
Before I started weight training I was always intimidated by the weights section of a gym. Andy showed me that weightlifting is fun and allows you to challenge yourself and set (and smash) incredible goals.
Spent lots of hours working on the basics of everything with Andy, from the proper way to Squat to the right way gripping for a Snatch. Andy has guided me towards achieving my goals, setting proper programs to confront my weaknesses as well as nutrition plans and how to stay healthy & fit.
My greatest achievements are looking and feeling healthier. I would most definitely recommend Andy to anyone that was thinking of training. I’m sure everything I’ve taken away from Andy’s PT sessions I’ll be using for years to come!
As an Team GB powerlifter, my progress is gauged on 3 lifts: the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. Before training with Andy my 1rms were: 170 Squat, 105 Bench, and 200 Deadlift. My lifts now are as follows: 230 Squat, 145 Bench, and 230 Deadlift. Moreover, he has helped me broaden my knowledge in terms of training and programming, and has been a constant source of help if I ever needed support with developing my lifts.
Not many members of staff took their time to speak to me, but Andy would always make an effort(...) Any questions I had or if I was struggling with any of my lifts, he would not hesitate in taking some time to share his knowledge.
Andy is a true professional in what he does and his depth of knowledge and understanding of biomechanics and lifting technique has been invaluable.
Since day 1 he has been fantastic in the sense that his support is constantly there, and his approach is that little bit more personal and he never makes you feel like ‘just another online client’.
Andy is a firm but fair coach, so if you want someone to justify your excuses then Andy is not for you, but Andy’s knowledge and experience is second to none so if you match the effort and care he puts into you, you will get results!
I have been training with Andy for a couple of years now initially through a group with my 7s team and then 1 on 1 as an online client. Andy's knowledge is amazing, and it is clear he is constantly trying to better himself as a trainer as well. He is a great bloke and an equally great coach who I strongly recommend.
I think one of Andy’s strongest assets as a coach is his unfailing attention to detail, informed by years of training experience and competitive lifting. Training with Andy is never dull, and it is always productive.



you get


Accountability to maximise and achieve the results you have dreamt of. Access to me through the in-app messenger alongside weekly check-ins and habit tracking to monitor progress.

Tailored for you

I personally tailor every workout plan specifically to the needs of the individual client. Exercises and sets/reps are modified to ensure we work together to get those results you deserve.

Healthy & tasty meals

Food is so important for me and It will be for you, I create custom meal plans relatable to you based on budget, time, macros, calories and your likes and dislikes the meals will be creations that you cant wait to eat and your relationship with food will never be healthier!



Your App

Everything custom designed to suit you and your lifestyle.
Bespoke workout plans blending innovation and science to achieve the best results.
Custom meal plans designed only for you.
Ability to track and monitor how you are getting on and what the next step is for your training.

Physical, mental and emotional support which will also mean guidance through my in app educational lectures and seminars.

Weekly check-ins so we can see how you are progressing and to ensure accountability.


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